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working in jews aged care for livlihood


As a muslim I have been working in a jewish aged care for two years, does islam forbid this?

asked July 21, 2014

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It is actually a complex question.

In favour of your job:

  • Muslims are obligated to be kind to their non-Muslim neighbours.
  • Most scholars agree that it is permissible to work for a non-Muslim.

Not in favour:

  • If you come into contact with women, particularly if you need to bathe them and other such things, there could be an issue. However, if this is an orthodox care home they could potentially have men care for the men and vice-versa
  • Although it is permissible to work for non-Muslims, some scholars limit this to common services, such as dressmaking, building, etc. The reason for this is that Muslims shouldn’t work for non-Muslims in jobs that could be perceived as humiliating (such as presenting foods).

However, we do not feel the above ruling applies to caring for the elderly as this is a truly noble job which carries a lot of respect.

We see no problem in you continuing your job.

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