The Afterlife in Judaism and Islam

If there is one thing certain about this life, its that we all return to dust. But what happens after death? The Torah and the Quran both tell of a similar journey that our souls embark upon. Death is part of God’s plan From the moment of birth death awaits us all, but how should […]

‘Peace be upon him’ in Judaism and Islam

Both Jews and Muslims use the expression “Peace be upon him” when mentioning the names of deceased individuals, but with whom did the tradition originate? Islam teaches that when mentioning the name of Muhammad SAW it is proper to say ‎”May God’s prayers and peace be upon him” (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) and when mentioning any […]

Mashiach, al-Mahdi and the End Days in Judaism and Islam

Many Muslims believe that the Jewish Mashiach (Messiah) is Jesus, but the prophecies of al-Mahdi have far more in common with the teachings of the Jewish Mashiach than Christian messianism. Use the tables below to discover the similarity between them. Show sources Hide unique Mashiach and al-Mahdi   Judaism Islam Lineage Descend from King David […]

Divine providence in Islam and Judaism

Not a leaf falls without His knowledge – Quran 6:59 Even the movement of a leaf in the wind is planned by G-d – Baal Shem Tov (The founder of Hasidic Judaism) In Judaism there are many schools of thought concerning divine providence and not everyone subscribes to the view quoted above. However the message […]