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Temple Mount


If Islam recognizes Israel to be the land for the Jews (as you mention in 17:104 and 5:21). Why does Waqf forbids for Jews to pray at Temple Mount?

asked June 21, 2013

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Also, why are they calling our Holy Land “Palestine”?


Vitality, the current conflict in the Middle East has nothing to do with Judaism or Islam.

The Quran clearly states that the Land of Israel was given to Beni Yisrael, it also clearly states that the Jews lived there. The reason the Waqf forbid it is based entirely on politics and nothing to do with religion.

ironically, there is psak from R. Eliyashiv that Jews should not go up onto the Temple Mount as don’t know exactly where the Holy of Holies stood (and only the high priest can stand on this land).

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