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Should Muslims follow all the teachings of the Torrah


I come from a family of mixed background; Jewish and Muslim, and was wondering since the Torrah is the original book of God, and is seen to Muslims as ‘uncorrupted,’ shouldn’t Muslims follow the Torrah then? If the Torrah was deemed uncorrupted why was the Bible of Quran born to be about.

asked March 1, 2014

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I have never heard a Muslim claim that the Torah was “uncorrupted”. Muslims must show respect to the Torrah and the “Ingeel” (New Testament/Bible), but both are considered “corrupted” over time, as far as I know. That doesn’t mean that a Muslim shouldn’t read them and learn from them, it just means that neither the Torrah or the Bible are considered accurate sources of how a Muslim should practice their faith. The Quran and Hadith are the only books that Muslims refer to for religious guidance.


The Torah was sent as a guidance for the Jewish people alone. Muslims should follow the Quran as there is no reason for them to abandon the teachings of Islam for a religion that they were never intended to follow.


Ibn, Abbas, al-Tabari, ibn-Layth and other scholars all were recorded saying that the text of the Torah had not been corrupted. Rather, the corruption was one of interpretation.

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