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Shaolom and Salam,

If we were to calculate the Percentage of Similarties between the rules of Islam and Jewidism, what would be the answer ?

As I feel that the basics of Islam and Jewdism is 95% similar

asked September 30, 2012

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Salaam Rehan,

You’ve asked a great question, unfortunately its nearly impossible to answer.

Over the next few years this website hopes to catalog the majority of the mainstream similarities between the two faiths, but this is a huge undertaking that we have not yet completed.

So to give you a quick answer, Islam has far more in common with Judaism than Judaism had with Islam.

What we mean is, Islam continued many of the traditions established by the Banu Yisrael, but they didn’t preserve everything – the laws associated with the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) and the land of Yisrael had no place in Islam, yet they make up a large percentage of the Jewish laws.

We think our 95% may be a little high, but we agree that they have far more in common than most are aware of.

But keep checking the website as the more we explore the closer to answering your question we will get.


Let me make this even more complicated for you:As you corrlctey observe, Judaism is matrilinear (passed down via the female line). As such, any child of a Jewish mother is considered a Jew according to Jewish religious law.Islam, on the other hand is patrilinear. Any child of a Muslim man is considered a Muslim also according to Islam. Here’s where it gets funny: BECAUSE of its patrilinear nature, Islam allows Muslim men to marry women of other religions (well, SOME other religions).Now, what happens when a Jewish mother and Muslim father have a child?


For the first asker: islam pulled from Judaism. It also changed some of it for its own purposes.

For the second asker: The child would be Jewish without a doubt. It also depends on which religion they raise the child as. Any self-respecting Jewish woman (in my opinion) would have children with a Jewish man, and if not, at least raise the children as Jewish.

Also, a slight correction: it’s JUDAISM not Jewidism.


Call me crazy, but I think they made islam patrilineal so that even if the child had a Jewish mother, the child would be a muslim. Sounds like a device to get rid of Jewishness to me!!

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