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Do Jews think Ezra is the son of god.


I was taught that Jews believe Ezra was a son of god, is this true.

asked October 7, 2012

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Several centuries after the death of Muhammad Ibn Hazm first connected ‘Uzair son of G-d’ with Ezra the scribe. His proof was a Jewish community in Yemen worshipped Ezra as a son of G-d.

The Yemenite Jewish community that existed at the time of Ezra are still a distinct group today and have preserved many of their teachings and traditions. One such tradition records that when Ezra requested the Yemenite community return to Israel 2,000 years ago, they refused to leave their home. They believed tat as a punishment for this Ezra cursed them with poverty. Because of this curse the Yemenite community banned its members from naming their children Ezra.

We would like to suggest that upon hearing of this community and their ban Ibn Hazm connected it with the rabbinic prohibition of mentioning G-d’s name and mistakenly assumed the ban existed because they revered Ezra as a son of G-d.

There is no Hebrew figure in all of Jewish scripture named Uzair. Perhaps there once existed a sect like Christianity that worshipped a figure named Uzair, but we have no record of them today. It must also be noted tat such a teaching rebels against Judaism, which like Islam, prohibits the worship of all but the Creator.


No, no we do not.


The Jews consider Uzair a very pious person. And according to the Jewish Encyclopedia the title of son of God is used for pious people. Here is an extract rrom the encyclopedia

the title of son of God is attributed by the Jews “to any one whose piety has placed him in a filial relation to God (see Wisdom ii. 13, 16, 18; v. 5, where “the sons of God” are identical with “the saints”; comp. Ecclus. [Sirach] iv. 10). It is through such personal relations that the individual becomes conscious of God’s fatherhood.”



why would god says if someone doesn’t claim that ? even a person would not say “uzair is not a son of god ” if someone didnt claim it.


Hmm strange ..i doubt son of god would not be the opposite of demon spawn or son of the devil, a son who grows up To Be psychopath would not be “a son of god” ( or a businessman/common soldier) to his father .. A child that grows up To Be an eminent prophet or a priest or scholar or just of a very devout nature( a believer) is therefore a son of god to their parents .. Judaism doesn’t forbid it in that sense …or vier ing a baby as a gift from god would also not have been uncommon, especially when they are jewish, i think.


Jews do not think Ezra is the son of God. Ezra was a great sage and a prophet who was the leader of the Jews during the era of the Second Temple about 2400 years ago.In Judaism we do not believe in anyone being the son of God.This is the reason we don’t believe in Jesus.The Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God,but we know that this is heresy.God isn’t physical and we don’t worship any person even if he was a great sage and leader. The whole idea of Jews worshipping Ezra is something I never heard of before but it definitely is against Jewish law and is heretical.One more thing I want to add:People who aren’t familiar with Judaism should be aware that there is a real problem of Christian missionaries who have some knowledge of Judaism and are posing as Jews.Some are even Jews who converted to Christianity and they go around trying to spread these ideas in order to deceive people. They make these false claims about Judaism in order for people to think that Christianity and Judaism are similar and to get Jews to convert.


There is no true; real or genuine follower of Jesus that would ever lie, manipulate or deceive anyone or anything for any reason. I personally do not know, nor have I ever met a Christian that would do such things. The facts are facts. Jesus was born by a direct process from God to Mary. Therefore Jesus is the Son of God. Why would God do such a thing if it were not to sustain purity, free from the effects of sinful nature. this is God in the form of Christ. God can not exist along side sin in the same enhabitance. God’s three in one and that’s a truth known best to those who have a full and complete relationship with the Lord. Healing; Prophecy casting out devil spirits are just a few gifts God gives to believers in Christ. This covenant is spoken of in the old testimony, Toran. Wake up. This is not the time for slumbering.


Dear brother u r sooo wrong.
Firstly, Jesus is not God Almighty not is he a god.
Second, God can exist alongside sinners, and he forgives them, but it’s risky for us, bc his presence is so powerful, but he exists in us and beside us.
Brother i want to encourage u to read the original texts, and think deeply.
The kingdom of God is near, it’s already here around us, we r his kingdom, so search for his truth, and don’t just believe what every preacher or so called rabbi feeds u.


I hear how Muslims accept Jesus as a prophet but this must be a lie. Because, Jesus (Yeshua) NOT “Isa” would be a liar and not a person that Muslims would want to accept their belief in. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, the life… no one comes to the Father (Allah) EXCEPT through me”
He also referred to Himself many times in His teaching as God (“I am in my Father and My father is in Me” and “If ou see me, you have seen the Father” and “You shall see the son of man coming on a cloud”.
There is only ONE truth. If a muslim person is genuinely faithful to asking God to show them the truth, God will do so… and they will be drawn to read the New Testament and will come to accept Jesus as the one true Lord and Saviour and then they can be baptised into the one true faith and be SAVED. I encourage all Muslims to find out for themselves and stop being brainwashed. Learn for yourselves what the “Antichrist ” is and learn to LOVE. Christianity is truly the religion of Peace. Islam.. the ideology of HATE.


Abraham would be ashamed after seeing the monotheists fighting.



From the verse you quoted. Jesus refers to God as Father-so that’s logical. But in that same verse, Jesus refers to himself as son of man.

I think the verse is very clear. It all depends on how you read it and how you want to understand it.


Yes Judeans did say or mention a fable that Uzayr was a son of god. Quran also mentions it was a claim uttered from their lips repeating the ancient legends of some ancestors. Thus no written text would be necessary although Uzayr was the name applied to variations of Judean names as AZARIAH or a shorthand version EZRA or Latin ESDRAS. Indeed Azariah is called Son of god in Daniel 3:25. Also Some of us Hebrew Yemenites desist Ezra the scribe also for not only a curse but rearranging false genealogies and manipulating the Zaddikim among the House of Amram and removing names like Ahimaaz!


some small communities after the death of ezra pbuh because of his knowledge and wisdom started acknowledging him as a high person and then went on to kind of worshipping ezra pbuh but jews as a whole worshipped ezra ,dont know,because as said in yemen communities are found who worship ezra pbuh as son of God.


I think Judaism,Christianity and Islam all these religions are actually belongs to the most pious and most respected prophet Abraham.. in my view, in all these religions many practices are still good and able to accept in this world that s’ why these religions are still alive in this world.. actually i really like all Abrahamic religions… i m a Muslim but really like Judaism and Christianity .. i read bible and Torah… I love all these books because every book have its own worth and story which increase the beauty of these books which are sent by Allah(God). I really like the practices of all these religions because many things are usually common in these religions. it increases the beauty of all these religions… i love the names of all prophets , all the books and really want to respect these religions in more better way ..
I really want it that we should respect each other. respect the religions of each other because our prophets told us … world beauty is still only by Abrahamic religions, because God also love his creature. I don’t know who is right or who is wrong but i just know that “LOVE IS AN ESSENCE OF ALL RELIGIONS”


God lives on earth through his believers. They are his witnesses.

To know the truth, ask yourselves?

1) Does the Forgiving God that allowed Satan till the end of time to repent, want any of his followers to kill others in the name of religion or GOD?

2) Can any scripture of the Almighty God be manipulated or destroyed by his own creation? Why would he allow it?

3) Would GOD sent down different scriptures every other period? Would GOD practice “abrogation” for the sake of it?

4) Would GOD accept discrimination and aggression between his creation by virtue of his teachings?

GOD has till today not destroyed Satan who betrayed and disobeyed HIM. Why would He then cause to destroy mankind for their sins.

GOD has given all souls till the end of time to repent? He will not punish anyone until and after Judgement Day. That is his promise.

Nobody has any right to Judge or Punish anyone for not obeying GOD’s Law. Only God has the right and is entitled to do that.


After God created the world, he never intervened in pro-creation.

Except in the case of Jesus Christ who existence in human form was a direct intervention by GOD.

We Christians don’t believe the limited finite human, Jesus Christ is GOD.

We believe that GOD came to earth in Physical Human Form to save mankind.

When Human GOD Jesus left the earth, GOD came back in Spiritual Form (Holy Spirit)and will remain with us till Judgement Day.

The Spiritual God will continue to guide us from within us as long as we are willing to listen to his voice – The Consciousness of Truth.

Its like God has one hand as human Jesus Christ, one hand as the Holy Spirit and then the GOD HEAD Father. All is part of the UNITY GOD. Anything other than these are creations of the creator.

Since Jesus followed by the Holy Spirit, there is no need for intermediaries like prophets or messengers or new scriptures from GOD to teach or guide us.

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