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Do Jews know that Islam is an extension to the ancient Judaism and Christianity? How they feel about that Muslims believe in all of their prophets and pay a great respect to them?


Muslims consider Islam as an extension to the ancient Judaism and Christianity as mentioned in Quran. We highly praise and respect all prophets with exceptional love, especially to Moses and Jesus as Quran ordered us to do so. Also in Quran, Allah asked us to respect others “humans, animals, plants and basically everything on earth as a whole” with special attention to humans, despite their religion. In a plain simple language, Quran says that’s non of anyone’s business “Muslim or non Muslim” to judge or hate others as Allah is the only Judge at the day of judgment and to treat all mankind with great respect, mercy and peace. At the same time Quran breaches that all mankind need to protect and defend themselves in case of anyone tries to disturb their peace.

Why most Jews don’t even think about reading the Quran for the sake of the curiosity to see if it does or doesn’t make sense to them? Most Muslim scholars read the Torah and have a good knowledge of it.

I hope I could get an answer which would put this issue to rest. Thanks for reading my fellow Muslim, Jews and Christians sisters and brothers.

asked August 3, 2016

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Quran in 14:4 states that every nation has a prophet that speaks to them in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE.
surah 10:94 states that quran CONFIRMS the Torah.
and yet it is clear from many other verses in quran that Allah is concerned about nations following Him, REGARDLESS of which prophet.

it is an unfortunate state of islamist politics, which wrongly teaches that ”muslim” means only a follower of islamic quran.
we see CLEARLY that righteous Torah jews are too considered ‘muslims’ in a sense of ‘following Allah’ as revealed in holy Torah.

it only is required for each nation to remain faithful to THEIR shariya, their own Go’d-commanded path.

As a side note, it is an unfortunate fallacy that many (if not MOST) muslims of today DISRESPECT the holy Torah, stating that it is corrupted, Go’d forbid. Allah has given the Torah to children of israel at Sinai, 2,000 years before islam came to the Arabian peninsula. There is a number of complete bibles, centuries older than quran itself, which CONFIRM the accuracy of the Torah jews have today.
For example, Codex Sinaitcus, Codex Vaticanus, and the Septuagint.

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