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do jews believe in jesus


i am not sure

asked April 18, 2018

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Dear ALL, Know the truth: Islam is the only accepted religion to ALMIGHTY ALLAH ALMIGHTY.
Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) is the promised final prophet of Mankind.
Jews never believed in most holy Prophets. They never accept the Prophet wood of Holy Jesus and the Final Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS).
The Universe now full of Non Believers & sinners . In India Hindus are Idolater. They worship monkeys as their Gods though their main Scriptures
Veda teaches as taught in Holy Quran: That ALMIGHTY GOD(ALLAH) is ONE. HE begets not, nor begotten. Nothing is like HIM. ALMIGHTY GOD is all alone CREATOR of all Universe. HE is the Lord of all, HE is the Supreme Judge of the day of Judgement Day.
Thank you.


Historically, it is widely accepted that this individual was a true person in time. The nature of him as presented by Christianity is largely, if not completely, rejected. That he was a master of Jewish ethics is recognized. Later theological developments (some of them strongly anti Semitic) and political movements have greatly shaped Jewish (and other’s) perceptions of the person called Jesus/Isa.

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