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Can you be Muslim and Jewish?


I am a Naqshbandi Muslim of Rromani, Ashkenazi, Pamiri/Tajik, Baloch/Pathan, and Azeri Dagestani descent. My direct paternal line is Ashkenazi Jewish. My question is as a Muslim is it ok for me to practice Islam while incorporating some Jewish traditions and rituals? In other words can you be (more to the point, can I be) both Muslim and Jewish?

asked December 4, 2015

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Religion is not a label or tag people bear. It is a way through which we attain closeness to Almighty.
Lets say, when we were at Nursery School, we learned that two plus two equals four. That is the truth. By time passed, we had to learn many things beside the facts of those early learning. An engineering student already knows that learning, he does not need to go back to nursery school. But, to study engineering, Nursery math skill is not sufficient. It was sufficient for the Nursery classes.
Like this, in the time of Moses (peace & blessings be upon him), mankind, specially the people of Israel were not advanced as today’s. So, the law given to Moses (peace & blessings be upon him) was perfect to them. By the time, human beings advanced in various areas, new problem were faced. So, the last divine book was revealed in order to show the divine way. The law given to Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) contains the same basics, but it is the advanced level.
So, if you are practicing Islam, you are already doing the necessary tradition and rituals.
After all, serving Almighty is the main thing, isn’t it ? :)


Sorry this is so late, so I hope you see this answer.

Both Islam and Judaism are different religions (of course :) ), so they have different practices and theologies some of which contradict each other (even though they have a lot of similarities). Thus it would not be possible to be both a practicing Muslim and a practicing Jew. However, as a non-Muslim, my understanding is that as long as something is not idolatry or otherwise contradict a precept of Islam, there should be no problem with your doing it. Thus, if you wanted to do something to honor your father’s heritage (from celebrating Chanukah or Passover to putting up a Mezuzah on your door), I doubt very much it would be a problem. Double check with your Imam or other religious leader to be sure it is OK to do what you want to do, and if so, go for it.


Islam is inclusive of the Jewish religion so yes you can be a Muslim and practice the Jewish traditions and prayers. Islam in no way contradicts the Jewish religion and the Bible is holy to Muslims and they are commanded to believe in it and revere all the Biblical prophets as their own.

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