5 examples of Muslims responding to terrorism

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Since the 9/11 terror attack Islam has been placed under a spotlight and it isn’t uncommon for people to think that Islam and terrorism are synonymous. How do Muslims actually react to terrorism and what does the religion say? We have highlighted five incredibly Islamic responses to terrorism.

5. The Muslims that gave blood to honour victims of terror

Following al-Qaeda’s devastating attack on the twin towers, images of Palestinians celebrating were published in the media. This lead many in the West to mistakenly believe the Muslim world was rejoicing the massacre of 2,996 Americans.

What you probably didn’t hear about was a huge drive by Muslims around the world to donate their blood to honour the victims of 9/11. Clerics usually hostile to America like Yusuf al-Qaradawi described the terror attacks as “heinous crime” and urged Muslims to donate blood to the victims. In Kuwait Muslims formed queues to donate at the Red Cross and Crescent centres. While in America CAIR broadcast the following message, “Muslim relief agencies should contact their counterparts to offer support in the recovery efforts. Individual Muslims should donate blood by contacting the local office of the Red Cross… They should also send donations to those relief agencies that are on the scene of the attacks”. The Ahmadiyya Community went on to setup “Muslims For Life” a blood donation initiative for Americans, that has to date saved 36,000 people.

While most Muslims loudly proclaim that murder and terrorism are not Islam, for these Muslims a declaration was not enough. Through their actions they personified the Islamic teaching of:

Whoever takes a life, it is like he has killed all of mankind; and whoever saves a life, it is like he has saved all of mankind

– Quran 5:32

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5 examples of Muslims responding to terrorism