The first Islamic Waqf was donated by a Jew

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Very few imams will tell you the story of Rabbi Mukhayriq, the Jewish friend of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

There are many stories about this rabbi, but one that touched us was the account of his his death, when he was tragically killed during the battle of Uhud while fighting alongside his friend and ally – the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The story did not end there as Rabbi Mukhayriq’s death wish was to donate his wealth to Muhammad as an inheritance. This included seven gardens and other forms of wealth.

This wealth was used to establish the first waqf – a charitable trust – of Islam. It was from this endowment that the Prophet of Islam helped many poor people in Medina.

Incredibly this means that the first ever Islamic waqf was donated by a Jew. One would struggle to find a better example of how our two people are family and should thus, care for each other like family.



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The first Islamic Waqf was donated by a Jew