Quiz: Are you an Islamophobe?

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Many people have been conditioned to hold negative views of Muslims that they're often not even aware of. Take this quiz to see if you hold any of the negative stereotypes Islamophobes often attribute to Muslims.

*The survey is based on the FES-Mitte-Studie 2014 and the Runnymede report.

1)Muslims are more loyal to Muslim countries than they are to the countries they live in

2)Muslims follow a religion full of barbaric and primitive views

3)Muslims are more likely to justify terrorism than other people

4)Muslims try to impose shariah/Islamic law on non-Muslim countries

5)Muslims are trying to take over the world

6)Muslims think they are better than other people

7)Muslims are responsible for most of the world's wars

8)I dislike Muslims because of the way they behave

9)Islam teaches its followers to oppress women

10)Do the actions of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda influence your opinions about Muslims, or do they not influence your opinions about Muslims?

11)What is your religion?



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Quiz: Are you an Islamophobe?