Ten surprising Jews and Muslims

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These colourful characters were selected to contradict the simplistic stereotypes some people hold of Jews and Muslims.

The rappers


Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey

While there are many Muslim rappers, Mos Def is arguably the most famous of them all. Aged 19 he took shahada after a combination of investigating Islam, self-reflection and contact with Muslim rappers like Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Q-Tip. Twenty years after he first took shahada he changed his moniker from Mos Def to the Islamic name Yasiin Bey and began to include Arabic prayers and influences in music.



Moses Michael Levi, a.k.a Jamal Michael Barrow, a.k.a Shyne is an infamous rapper that was convicted for attempted murder in a club shooting involving Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez. Despite his notoriety as a gangster he is also the son of Dean Barrow, the current prime minister of Belize. During his 9 year incarceration Shyne (who claims Jewish descent) converted to orthodox Judaism and following his release from prison continued his career as a rapper, while simultaneously immersing himself in Jewish study. He moved to Jerusalem to study chasidus in religious schools and now studies scripture 12 hours a day, which he fits around his rapping career.



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Ten surprising Jews and Muslims