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I converted to Islam from Christianity in 2004. I have never really felt welcome by the community. I am African American and nobody seems to want to be near me. I have received so much hatred. I have been feeling a calling towards Judaism for a year or so now. Would this be wrong to learn about it and possibly convert? Would Jewish people accept me? I live in Louisville, KY and recently was a victim of a hate crime. Nobody black or Muslim has supported me. I feel the need to leave the state and I am very depressed. I need to find a closeness to God.

asked April 28, 2016

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WaAlaikum Asalam dear sister,

May Allah make your situation easy for you and set your affairs straight and grant you a magnificent reward for your forbearance.

I urge you my dear sister to firstly seek sincere help from Allah, for know that all of mankind can rebuke you, but if your connection with Allah is strong then you are the greatest winner. The closest position a servant is to Allah is in prostration.

In regards to the hostile attitude against you, I hope the following can help. Visit the Mosques near you and explain your situation. In Sha Allah (God Willing) you will see acceptance in people.

I advise you to read The Qur’an for it is the greatest of Guides, and after that, the life of The Prophet Muhammad (May The Peace and Blessings Of Allah be upon him) for he was a Mercy to all of mankind. In his life there is an example for all!

For the advice above, I recommend a book called “Enjoy Your Life” by Dr Muhammad Al Arifi.

My dear sister finally, I advice you Not to leave the religion of Islam, for Allah says in The Qur’an, the only religion with Allah is Islam.
I pray for you that Allah grants you guidance to the truth and wards off these tribulations and doubts from you and places acceptance for you in the heavens and the earth!
I swear By Allah I want nothing but good for you my sister as we will all be questioned on the day of judgement as to our actions! I also advise you away from this website for it is a means of corruption of the Muslim. Rather look towards The Qur’an, the Life of The Prophet Muhammad!

Asalamu Alaikum!

Your Brother in Islam.


A salami alikom.
My only answer to you is that you pray and seek guide ce from allah which the most important thing. As far as considering to embrace another religion simply because you feel that there was a lack of support from the music community and the African American as well is sad. It only goes to show that you are not truly convinced of Islam and even if you embrace another religion and face a struggle, it’s possible that you will pullout from it as well. You have to be fully committed and have no doubt about your faith. When you converted I assume you did so for the religion itself and not the muslims. Be strong and only God will show you guidence. I wish you well and that everything inshallah will turn for the best. God bless you and remember its all about you and not the people’s intake on what faces you. Salam


Most religions, and certainly Christianity, Judaism, and Islam frown on converting out (to put it mildly). All would say (using different culturally appropriate terms) that you are risking your soul/place in the World to Come by converting out. Because traditional Christianity says you have to be Christian to go to heaven, they strongly encourage converts to Christianity. Because Islam says you have to be Muslim to go to heaven (in some traditions, though most seem to see a place for Christians and Jews as people of the book) they strongly encourage converts to Islam. Judaism is different in this regard. We believe there is a place in the World to Come for the righteous of all nations (religions) so it is less important to convert and the religious obligations required of a Jew are vast so it can be dangerous to your soul if you convert and won’t keep the requirements.

Because conversion is not necessary for your place in the World to Come/for your soul we don’t seek converts aggressively unlike many other religions. I would suggest you make sure you really want to become Jewish before trying to convert. Do as much reading about what Judaism believes as possible. Be sure you aren’t running away from something, but rather actually feel like Judaism is right for you. It is possible you just haven’t found the right Muslim or Christian community (whether city/state, or church/mosque) for you and you would be best off remaining Muslim or becoming Christian again so be sure to do some heavy learning in that regard as well. If Islam is the right place for you, it would be a shame for you to abandon it if the issue is simply that you haven’t found the right place within it for you. It is also possible that Judaism is the right place for you (there are plenty of people who weren’t born as Jews who have a Jewish soul), but no one but you can know that for sure.

I would suggest doing online and book research on your own (for books, I like Rabbi Joseph Telushkin for being accessible, though his books aren’t really pre-conversion books). Then, if Judaism generally sounds right, you need to learn about the major Jewish movements to see which is for you. Know that the only one that totally follows traditional Jewish law (Halacha) is the Orthodox movement, so while an Orthodox conversion is accepted by all streams of Judaism, the Orthodox only accept their own since the others vary in their acceptance of the traditional rules for conversion. Also know that since we don’t require conversion, you may not feel accepted right away and some rabbis may actually send you away (they are supposed to reject you 3 times to insure you REALLY want to become a Jew before they take you on as a conversion student). However, once you are on the road to convert you will be welcomed, and once you convert you will be accepted as Jewish and will likely be well accepted (though some communities are more open to outsiders joining them, converts or otherwise, than others). It isn’t an easy choice, if you do convert it isn’t an easy path, and it isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you (only you can know that) it can be a very rewarding choice.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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