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Would a good practicing orthodox jew that follow halacha go to heaven according to the quran?


Would a good practicing orthodox jew that follows halacha go to heaven according to the Quran? Would that jew need to accept quran to go to heaven as well as accept jesus as a prophet/messiah or would it matter(if following oral law and halacha with little to no sin)?

asked January 21, 2015

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Just do Good Deeds in the name of Allah – What would happen on Judgement day – lets leave it on Allah alone – ask His forgiveness and mercy.


I agree I do not see any problem with the quran or a jew or fabian that does good but keeps to his religion.


IF he or she is really believing on the Jewish theology and ruly believe on he day of judgement,than by default he will also believe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Jehova or Allah’s last messenger. IF it is so, he/she will definitely go to heaven.


Yes absolutely because that was a covenant established between EL–H(Hebrew for Jews) or
IL-HI(Aramaic for Christians) or AL–H (Arabic for Muslims).

In the Quran it states that the Jewish people have a special status for the Creator in addition to being a people who received several divine communications in the form of the Zabur or Psalms of the Prophet David pbuh and the numerous (now mostly lost except for fragments and secondary sources) writings of Hazrat Idris(Hanookh or Enoch) pbuh.

No a Jewish person who is in accordance with the laws commanded by God is ok they do not need to do anything in addition. OF course the final word is from G-D as it was the on the first day of your creation, nonetheless your hope should greatly outweigh any fear

IMho I think it’s because of the mere fact that the Jewish people have been able to survive over 5000 years through brutal subjugation and attempted annihilation( from Egypt to Babylon then Assyria,Persia Greece and Rome, all at the height of their power not to forget the nazis) yet no person or nation or religion has or will utterly destroy the Jewish people

I believe this factual evidence proves that G-D has a plan for all of the righteous of the earth but especially the Jewish people; who even the most fanatical “believer” will truly admit that despite Jewish people having a small population throughout their history they have received more prophets than any other (check the Quran) even if Israel is the land that stones it’s prophets (check the Bible)

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