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Women status in judaism and islam


A lot of people (specially atheist) says that abrahamic religiones are misogenistics and men is above to woman. I know this is false, because the Quran eleve te the status of woman equal to men and in judaísm mothers are the fundamental Stone of family. But i want to know more about this. Can you please do a sección telling the Women status in judaism and islam?

asked January 24, 2015

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Men & women are Equal in Quran.


In the hadiths or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. A follower asks him who he should love after G-D the Prophet commands him to love his mother as a reply for three consecutive questions then his father. So it’s G-D 1 Then Mother 2 Mom 3 mommy 4 then father 5. In another saying The Prophet pbuh mentions that Heaven is to be found underneath the footsteps of your mother.

Consider this, imagine a beautiful woman who is shapely as well. Now imagine her dressed in a bikini. Now imagine her dressed as a nun or even a burka. Do you see how your image of her in your mind and the natural reaction you experience is relative to your belief system. Perhaps you think it wrong to vilify a chaste woman so you think the nun to be pious.

In Muslim countries that cover women up it is because of man’s weakness inversely relative to woman’s strength over man as the true reason behind the veil. The burka is nowhere commanded in the Quran only the prohibition again immodest dress and excessive exhibition of physical beauty this goes for men and women and would include for males such things as tight jeans, tank tops displaying physical strength, etc. So it’s not solely applicable to women.

the problem is that fundamentalism always takes things too far. Be it Jewish Fundamentalism that wants to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque and the Golden Dome of the Rock so that they can rebuild The Temple of Solomon. Or Christian fundamentalism which thinks the Aryan Christ died for the Aryan race and that they must exterminate all NON- white Anglo saxon protestants. in modern daily occurring Islamic fundamentalism we see a most virulent and destructive strain of intolerance, ignorance, incredulity and inhumanity

It’s only in Buddhism that even the fundamentalist is only self destructive. As the picture from Rage against the Machine’s first album that shows the Buddhist monk that immolated
Himself in protest of the Vietnam war. How he is able to sit there quiet and serene as his flesh is being burned is dismissed by modern day science as an ability gained through years of meditation and deliberate control over ones physical and internal state of being. Yeah right!have you ever been burned? Even for a second it feels like an eternity. That’s the problem with science it only knows what it knows until it learns something else ex. We were 98 % similar to chimpanzees now we’re 97% or world is flat no now its round, earth is the center of universe  no now the sun is, no  the sun is only part of our solar system with many galaxies. I rest my case your honor.

That’s why punishment by fire heat or burning is forbidden in all of the Abrahamic faiths especially Islam…

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