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Why do muslims don’t like dogs?


It seems like being called a dog would be the supreme insult for muslims? I’ve been told they “hate” dogs, but why is that?

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asked January 12, 2015

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I wouldn’t say that Muslims don’t like dogs. What I would say is that Muslims believe that the saliva of dogs, if it comes in contact with their clothing, other personal items (dishes, bedding, etc.) or their skin, etc. voids their state of “purity” and requires them to perform a complete ablution prior to saying their prayers, or touching a Quran. If the saliva touches a dish (that they use for eating) the dish must be ritualistically washed as prescribed by Quran/Hadith.

Some Muslims believe it is a sin to allow a dog inside their home, others disagree. Dogs are well liked by MANY Muslims and are used in a variety of ways for security/protection, shepherding, and retrieval, a skill useful to hunters. They don’t let their dogs lick them, or eat off their plates, but they often love them and care for them exactly as Non-Muslims do. (and NEVER eat them!)

I have never heard that calling a Muslim a “dog” was the supreme insult. In some cultures where Islam is the predominant religion, calling someone a donkey is considered “fighting words”!!!! However, I think calling a Muslim a “pig” would probably be 1000x’s worse than calling them a dog. The dog’s only “problem” is his “impure” saliva.

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