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Who will come, the Mashiah or the Mahdi?


Since Judaism and Islam are based on the same religion, who will come, the Mashiah or the Mahdi?

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your question is a interesting quesstion, but another question would rise as why cant they be the same person just with different names.
they (or he) are very similar as they/he would apear to save man kind from evil and suffering, they have slight differences as in islam they say he is the great grand son of the prophet mohammed (bpuh) but then again there is no spesifc mention of whos son he is going to be in judaism.
personally i think it is the same person just described diffrently.
hope this helped
ps sorry for any spelling errors


Peace with you.

Mahdi and Mashiah is one person as said by Prophet Mohamed (s).


According to Shia Islam, Mehdi is the family member of Prophet Mohammad PBUH. He (A.S) is the son of Imam Hassan Askari (A.S). Imam Mehdi A.S will come along with Hazrat Eesa A.S (Jesus in Christianity) to bring peace in the world from the order of Allah Almighty. Imam Mehdi A.S will lead the prayer and Hazrat Eesa A.S will pray behind him. Imam Mehdi A.S will kill Dajjal (Man with one eye who will try to destroy the world).

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