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Was there communication between al-Farabi and Moses Maimonides?


I am teaching interfaith to youths, teachers and students in Pakistan and I need the detail of the communication between Al-Farabi and Moses Maimonides on the metaphysical discourse?

asked September 24, 2012

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Unfortunately Maimonides lived 185 years after the death of al-Farabi so there was no discourse between the two.


Not wrong as you seem to perceive but she draws a few shaky coslnuniocs and makes a few close to definitive statements that are not so close to definitive. Never rely on one author. KA uses Document Hypothesis in her book and I brought up the example of Abram/Abraham being mentioned by at least 2 contributors of the bible (Yawhist and Priestly) and these accounts do not necessarily match up. She draws a conclusion based on a later contributor and seems to ignore the older text 1


In fact, there is a book published by Harvard University in 2017 which explores Maimonides and al-Farabi in depth. Name of the book: Al-Fārābī’s Influence on Maimonides’ Ontology (by Hakan Altıok, published by Harvard University). In this book, how Maimonides follows al-Farabi’s footsteps, how he builds his system on the philosophy of al-Farabi was revealed crystal clear, comprehensive and in details. I think it is a remarkable study. In other respects, the book is printed in three languages (English, French and Turkish). If you can reach the book I would definitely recommend you to review:

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