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Muslims, why ?


May I ask a question please ?

I do not really believe in the honesty of the muslim-community, en for this reason : if all of them are really honest believing people, why do they come to the West to live here, in our culture with not properly dressed women, where we make cartoons about Mohammed, and where we eat porc ? Would you als a honest believer, go to such a decadent society to live there ? Certainly not. So, why do thy come to the West, if not to attack this community ?
And second : how many Corans (Curans) are there ? The terrorists refer to the Curan, and do do the “good” muslims… What is really written in this Curan ? Or are there manier versions ?
PLease, provide me an honest answer please… Fons.

asked January 12, 2015

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I hope this question is being asked with sincerity. I find it hard to imagine with all of the wars and turmoil in MANY countries where Islam is the major religion that anyone wouldn’t understand how Muslim people would want to escape from the hardships and danger in their home countries.

Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories and Gaza have been under a brutal occupation for 60+ years. The amount of land they have left to live on has shrunk by 70% or more. Many were not permitted to return to their homes after they fled during the fighting between the Israeli’s and the indigenous people of Palestine, leaving them permanent refugees to this day.

Many North Africans immigrated to France and Italy as a result of the brutal colonial occupations of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya. More than 1 million Algerians died during the French occupation of Algeria. Hundreds of thousands of Libyans died during the Italian occupation of Libya. And in all the “colonized” countries of North Africa land was taken away from the indigenous people, livestock were destroyed and priceless artifacts and natural resources were plundered by the European colonizers. The British colonized Egypt and used the Suez Canal to help their cargo ships easily reach India, another one of their colonies, so they could control India and the trade route between India and Europe. When the British partitioned India, creating the state of Pakistan, millions of Indians both Muslim and Hindu were killed, lands were lost, and people displaced, resulting in a desire to immigrate to a safer place.

Decades of wars between predominantly Muslim countries in the “Fertile Crescent” (Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan)with Israel, have created hardship and danger for their indigenous people. Egypt has had economic and political problems since it gained independence from the British. The regimes that have ruled Egypt post colonization have often brutally persecuted practicing Muslims. Muslim men were not permitted to wear beards in Egypt for many years, for fear of being labelled “subversive”.

Afghans left Afghanistan when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, and more left after the Soviets were driven out by the Taliban, who were just as brutal and repressive. Bosnian Muslims fled to Europe and the USA from their country after being faced with genocide at the hands of the Christian Croats and Serbs.

Iranians who were supporters of the Shah of Iran left en masse after he was deposed in the late 1970’s. The wars in Iraq and Syria have left MILLIONS of people displaced.

Muslims immigrate to countries, where Islam is a minority religion, because of economic and political situations/conditions religious persecution and every other variety of hardships in their home countries. Their choices of places to immigrate are limited. They need to go where they can make enough money to support themselves AND send money to the family members who cannot leave, and who do not have any way to support themselves in their own countries.

In the USA many Muslims have been welcomed here because of their advanced educational skills in the fields of medicine and engineering. They also have many refugees from Africa, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. I’m sure Europe has more than the USA does because of their policies of accepting, citizens from the countries they colonized, as immigrants, a practice fueled by their use of poor immigrants as cheap labor. They also have broader policies of accepting refugees than the USA does, and it is easier for people seeking asylum to reach Europe than it is for them to reach the USA. (Even though the USA is typically the country who created the conflict in the country they are fleeing.)

The USA advertises itself as a country for the masses. A “homeland” for the homeless. They tout their religious freedom and “equal opportunity”. I have heard many Muslims say that they can practice their faith with less difficulty in the USA than they did in their home country. (not sure they still say that) The men can wear beards, the women can cover their hair, and they can attend prayers at the mosque as often as they like without being labelled a “subversive”.

I haven’t met a Muslim yet who left their home country to “spread Islam” to the West. Many of them fear their children will lose their Muslim identity in the west. They feel guilty for leaving their families and friends back home, but know that to survive and thrive, they HAD to leave.

There is only ONE Quran. There are a variety of “translations” of the Quran into other languages. But those translations are not considered “Quran”, they are often referred to as “the meaning of the Quran”. The one and ONLY Quran is in Arabic, a formal style of the language that is not used for day to day conversation, therefore making it quite difficult for even native Arabic speaking people to completely read and comprehend/understand the language of the Quran.

Only 15% of Muslims speak Arabic as their native language. 85% do not. This means that the vast majority of Muslims, (even Arabic speaking ones) rely on a “scholar” or “religious figure” to interpret the meaning of the verses in the Quran for them. A situation similar to the one that existed before the Bible became readily available to all classes of people after the invention of the printing press. Many Muslims in war torn Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia are illiterate. Decades of war have prevented them from getting even the most BASIC education, in their OWN language. They learn how to say their prayers in Arabic (all Muslims pray their 5 obligatory prayers in Arabic), but might not have a clue what the words mean.

Because the Quran was initially memorized (in it’s entirety) by the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), the number of “changes” made to the original are miniscule, if ANY. It is said to be hard to tamper with a book that has been memorized word for word by multiple people without them recognizing that it has been changed and correcting any changes.

I hope you find this information helpful.


I agree with UmJamal with the exception of Israel/Palestine. Israelis are indigenous to Israel :)
That doesn’t justify the wars though :(

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