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I’m totally in love with the name “Isra’il” or Israel. I want to name my first born this but facing firm resistance from my Muslim family. I’d there anything wrong to name out children this name?

asked July 9, 2013

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As-salamu alaykum,

The name Isra’il was common among converts to Islam from Judaism and Christianity, one example being Isra’il Ibn Arslan Seljuk of the Sunni Seljuk dynasty who bore this name.

To answer your question, Isra’il, alayhi salam, was a prophet of God so there is certainly nothing wrong with naming your child with such a beautiful name. However, because of the current political conflict it could bring a lot of negative attention to your child and perhaps this is what your family is worried about.

If you live in a place where the name Isra’il will attract intrigue and nothing more, then there may be no harm giving your child this name. However, if you live in a community where it could bring negative attention to your son and family, we would urge you to speak to an imam that knows your circumstance as he will give better advice than we could

May Allah, subhanahu wa taala, guide us all to the straight path.


and I love the name Ishmael, in fact wanted to name my son Ishmael but was afraid it could cause him problems in the future so in the end we gave him a different name.
I would probably give you the same advice regarding your son. it would be great if Muslims would reclaim the term israel as part of their tradition but you have to put your son’s welfare first.
Perhaps you can give it to him as a middle name. I didn’t think of that when my son was born. If we were doing it again, maybe i’d do that.

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