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Islam to complete Judaism?


Isn’t Islam is coming to make perfect all of the religion including Judaism, and changes all the old rules to the new rules that brought by Islam in Mohammed’s hands?

asked December 11, 2012

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you could view this from two sides:
one , yes islam is a religion to correct the older religion, as it could have had mistakes, either caused by humans or god. or it has been outdated.


no, islam is a new religion with new hope, and that this is the religion from god.

there are many views and it really just depends on the person. i dont think there is a set answer ( or we could know when the mehdi/ mesahia comes as he will choose one relgion)

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In my view, islam is antithetical to Judaism, especially being that it has pulled from xianity, which is VERY antithetical to Judaism. Judaism is complete as when G-d gave the Torah to Moshe on Sinai. Anything that adds or takes away from the Torah (which islam does, in a way) is not to be followed. The same for any man.


To the original asker.

Islam teaches that the Torah and the Oral Law were given to the Jewish people directly from Allah SWT, now ask yourself this question:

“If Allah is perfect – how can he give something imperfect?”

This argument doesn’t make sense…

Perhaps we can find a more logical answer in the Jewish tradition. Judaism teaches that Torah was given to beni Yisrael to keep for all time. However, the other nations also need guidance and the Rambam (a great Jewish rabbi) described Islam acts as that guidance and how it is part of Allah’s plan to spread tahweed throughout the nations.


christianity also makes that claim about itself

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