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Does marriage between jews and muslims allowed ?


Can a muslim man marry a jewish woman & vice versa ? And if yes under which conditions ? Does the prophet mohamed allowed this kind of marriage ? And what could be the impact of such a union on the israelo arab conflict in the middle east ? Thank you to bring me some clarification..

asked January 12, 2013

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Yes, Muslim men may marry Jewish and Christian women. Muslim women, however, may only marry Muslim men.

The overarching factor, though, is that Islam does not allow participation in non-Muslim religious activities, and Jewish law does not allow participation in non-Jewish religious activities. This presents an obstacle with regard to inter-faith marriages, unless the couple is very careful about balancing the needs and obligations of each partner.

Some areas, for example in the case of a Muslim husband and Jewish wife, would simply be academic such as kosher/halal eating. As Muslims are allowed to eat kosher foods (as long as they don’t break any other food restrictions) that’s not a problem, and as kosher cooking requirements are much more stringent than halal requirements, that should not present any great problem as they will- with possibly rare exceptions- encompass halal requirements.

But what of children? Each faith requires that children be brought up in the faith of the parents- and under Islamic law, the husband is responsible for seeing that this is done (and, naturally, his only option would be to rise the children as Muslims). BUT, according to Jewish law, the children of a Jewish mother are Jewish- but they are being raised to follow Islam!

This is not even taking into account the matter of any wedding ceremony! To be valid from an Islamic point of view, a contract must be signed- and, so too from the Jewish point of view. Is the couple to write a ‘custom’ contract that includes the necessary elements of both Islamic and Jewish law, or write two separate contracts that do not contradict each other? Clearly there can be no traditional ‘wedding ceremony’ unless it was a joint venture approved by both an Imam and a Rabbi- and then it, by necessity, would have to be a *very* secular-style affair to avoid each partner taking part in another faith’s religious ceremony.

So, what on the face of it is an easy question, when you get behind the basic answer we find the ‘devil is in the details’ and the actual application is more involved than it at first appears. If one or both partners are lax in their observance, perhaps from a personal standpoint there will not be much friction (but then, they’re not being very observant which is even worse), but if both are very observant and involved it has the potential to bring some serious issue to light with regard to the laws each much follow.

Just my two shekels and two drachma’s worth of thoughts (this coming from a Muslim man who is considering converting to Judaism- but is married to a Christian wife…how’s THAT for complicated)!!


NO! This is actually VERY funny because in the Torah it is FORBIDDEN for a Jew to marry a non-Jew, however, in islam, a muslim can marry a Jewish woman, but a Jewish man cannot marry a muslim woman. Doesn’t make sense does it? My advice is not to do it, and keep in mind that no matter if you’re a muslim or not, she is a Jew, all of your children will be Jewish, as per Jewish law.


Also, in the wedding ceremony, if you were to incorporate any non-Jewish element into ceremony, the wedding marriage and wedding would be void.


Yes ! We must encourage all sort of Interfaith marriage around the world and this is the final way that we can calm down this unrest world forever. There is no relation between Creator & love-marriage-affection etc. Its above Creator or God . And history teach us God always failed to Love. Men broken down the bullshit laws of God and embrace Love.

And at the end love will Win around world soon. Once day Human being reject their fucking religious identification like Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jews, Christ etc & will be just a good human being in our own earth.


Marriage between Jews and Muslims isn’t allowed in Muslim religion. Muslims are only allowed to marry people from their own culture.

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