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does a person who converts from Islam to Judaism burn in Hell?

asked July 3, 2013

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We are not aware of any opinion that would suggest an apostate to Islam would burn in hell. However, there are opinions that say he has given up his place in the World to Come.

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In Judaism, there is no concept of hell. However, Jews do not feel that you have to be Jewish to have a place in the World to Come (Olam Ha-ba). All a person must do is be righteous and follow the Seven Laws of Noach (Google them). And while Judaism does not actively seek out converts, they are accepted. But to convert to Judaism is a big task! You’re taking an extra 606 commandments upon yourself that you did not previously have. You should think it out first. But if you do decide to convert, you shall be welcomed as a member of the tribe.


And as for the Admin answer about losing your place in the world to come, that’s stating that only muslims have a place in it. In Judaism, ANYONE who is righteous–Jew, muslim, xian, etc–can gain a place in the world to come! Our G-d doesn’t discriminate.


Of course not! Unless you were a former Al Qaeda or ISIS terrorist then converting won’t save you from God’s wrath.

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