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As-salam ‘alaykum / Shalom aleykhem !

I would like to read an article about the story of the pharaoh’s relative, who saved the Prophet Moses.
Was she a daughter of pharaoh or his wife?

Thank you

asked August 10, 2017

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Simply his wife
She was only had a daughter was the famous queeen
And she was missing so much to have a boy as any woman and queen at this time
So when she saw Moses and she already missing badly have a son she directly felt in his love
Her empty heart for a sin already got a one and she asked the pharaoh to keep him as son or even as step brother for her daughter

Not logic at all that a so young daughter of the pharaoh like or need to have a son this is even against human nature but for 40 years old woman missing so much to have a son so normal and so logic
What according with mind and human nature always supposed to follow


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