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As a religious Jew I’m wondering what percent of Muslims hold all Jews responsible for the policies of the Israeli government.


Every now and then I hear stories of Muslim leaders inciting against against Jews,using the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinians as a pretext. I live in the USA and I don’t support the policies of the Israeli government. The biggest problem with the Israeli government is that it is run by irreligious Jews who just want a nationalist movement Zionism not to actually follow the Jewish religion in it’s entirety. But in the world the are viewed as representing the Jewish religion.It really isn’t fair. It’s like saying that bin Laden ISIS etc… represents  Islam; and every time there is unrest in Israel/Palestine it causes a rise in anti-semitism all across the globe.And then there are those who praise hitler and the nazis for killing as many Jews as possible. I know that there are definitely some Jews who are biased and maybe even racist against Muslims because of the conflict in Israel;that is wrong and I myself never harbored any hate towards Muslims.

asked July 14, 2016

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Muslims have no access to real information due to the conflict in Palestine majority Muslims hate Israel but not jews.


As a religious Muslim I’m wondering what percentage of Jews who agree and support the policies of the Israeli government? Unfortunately that answer is about %95.8 percent according to a recent survey. You can do a quick survey yourself by going to any Jewish community or by creating one online and advertise it. You probably will get a similar percentage. Based on that you’ll find a high number of Muslims who dislike Jews who support Israel.

BUT….if you’re a Jew who doesn’t support the unfair and cruel policies of the Israeli government, you’ll be greatly liked and highly respected among Muslims. They will view you as a TRUE Jew who follows the core teachings of the Judaism religion that breach peace and love to humanity.

Muslims consider Islam as an extension to the ancient Judaism and Christianity as mentioned in Quran. We highly praise and respect all prophets with exceptional love, especially to Moses and Jesus as Quran ordered us to do so. Also in Quran, Allah asked us to respect others “humans, animals, plants and everything on earth as a whole” with special attention to humans despite their religion. In a plain simple language, Quran says that’s non of anyone’s business “Muslim or non Muslim” to judge or hate others as he is the only Judge at the day of judgment and to treat all mankind with great respect, mercy and peace. Quran also breaches that you need to protect and defend yourself in case of anyone tries to disturb your peace.

Thank for reading our Muslim, Jews and Christians brothers.


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