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I am a Baal-Tsueva Jew, a Jew who came to Orthodoxy from a secular family in which I am still living given the fact that I am only 15 and I have found great comfort in Judaism and when I go to Jewish Holy Sights such as the Western Wall I can feel the Holiness, This is the same feeling I get when I go to a Muslim or Christan Holy sight but one I do not get feel when I am at any sort of polytheistic shrine (I have been to all of these places) Is it possible that all three of theses religions can be true, with Jesus being a prophet maybe I am certain he is not God, is it possible?


asked May 18, 2015

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Only one is right…the other two are on the a related track but keep missing it though the truth is around them. Ask God, He will reveal Himself.


QURAN recognizes Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & many others as Great Prophets – sent by Allah for Guidance of the mankind; before the arrival of Prophet Mohammad ((s.a.a.w.).
QURAN also said that the teachings of Prophet Mohammad ((s.a.a.w.) were not new, rather all His messengers gave the same guidance to the mankind. This guidance came from Allah and thus it was same.
Now; this Guidance is duly secured in Quran.

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